product updates // company news

product updates // company news

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Visit Delta Lake, Stitch's newest destination

A new destination: Delta Lake on DatabricksDelta Lake on Databricks — is it a data lake? A data warehouse? Actually, it's what Databricks calls a lakehouse, and now Stitch customers can use it to unlock new insights from their data.New integrationsWe've been …


New look, new integrations

New Stitch integrations let you replicate data from Dark Sky, 3PL Central, and Amazon DynamoDB into your data warehouse.


Stitch for the holidays

Stitch's revamped BigQuery destinationA revamped version of our BigQuery destination allows users to choose either append-only or insert/update ("upsert") loading behavior for data flowing from Stitch integrations.


MongoDB integration boasts many improvements; five new data sources available

We’ve revamped our MongoDB integration; in the new beta version, you can leverage oplog-based replication methods and provide projection documents that grab just the data you need for speedier loading. Several new integrations are also available in open beta:…


4 new features help you control your pipelines

We've added four new features to help you customize and control your ETL processes and improve your data workflow:advanced schedulingpost-load webhooksnotification extensibility, andAPI key management.Read all about them in our blog post.We also have several …


Click a new button to kick off immediate extraction

We've added some new functionality to Stitch to give you more control over when Stitch extracts data from your data sources. The new Run Extraction Now and Stop Extraction buttons appear on the Extractions page inside of Stitch, and are available today for mo…


Webinar tomorrow, plus three new integrations

Join us for a 30-minute webinar Thursday at noon ET (9 a.m. PT) to see how you can move data from 90+ data sources into Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse and turbocharge your analytics. Register here to see how to sign up for Stitch, set up a data source, an…


Stitch rolls out Azure SQL Data Warehouse destination

Stitch now supports replication to Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse. Microsoft's cloud platform is a great option for legacy, on-premises data warehouse deployments that can benefit from the performance, security, and cost advantages of Azure SQL Data Wareh…


New Responsys, Front, and Typeform integrations, Shopify and Stripe get updates

Responsys enables marketing teams to manage and orchestrate all interactions with their customers across email, mobile, social, display, and the web. Stitch’s new Responsys integration extracts event data feeds, lists, audiences, and more.Front lets you manag…


Public beta begins for Azure SQL Data Warehouse

Our latest destination, Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse, is now available as a public beta for all Stitch users.We've added SSL certificate verification for PostgreSQL destinations. Users can now provide a certificate for their PostgreSQL destination that …


Get in on the beta of a new Stitch destination

We're looking for beta testers for the Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse destination we're building. Sign up here.


Get SOC 2 compliance, win Stitch socks

Stitch has been certified compliant with the SOC 2 security, availability, and confidentiality principles by an independent auditor. For more information or a copy of the audit report, contact us.


New ETL integrations for PostgreSQL, Zendesk, and S3 CSV files

We've released an updated PostgreSQL integration that provides support for log-based logical replication. You can now perform incremental replication on a table without using a replication key, and the new integration captures and persists deletes in your tab…


New Amazon S3 destination, five new integrations, and goats

Stitch can now load your data to Amazon S3 data lakes. We support both JSON and CSV formats, and provide the ability to customize S3 Object Keys to control how your data is stored. Spin up your own Amazon S3 destination.


Stitch has had a busy month – new features galore

Stitch can now load your data to Amazon S3 data lakes. We support both JSON and CSV formats, and provide the ability to customize S3 Object Keys to control how your data is stored. Read all about it, then spin up your own Amazon S3 destination.


New from Stitch: Annual subscriptions, Bing Ads integration, and GDPR compliance

We're excited to offer annual subscription plans – a new way to save money on Stitch. When you sign up for an annual plan, you get two months free every year. Read our blog post for the details and sign up now!


An upgraded integration, two new destinations, and a new product – Stitch Connect

Google Adwords integration updatedWe’ve updated our Adwords integration to use the newest Adwords API – version v201802 – which gives our customers the most detailed view yet into their Adwords performance. View the Stitch changelog for more information.


Enhanced loading info, new Enterprise integrations, and a little something more

Enhanced loading information now available in the Stitch UI Stitch users can now see row counts for their integrations broken down by table, to help identify where all the rows they’re loading are coming from, show which tables are sending rows to the data wa…


HIPAA compliance, open source docs, plus a new customer case study

Health care information is among the most private and personal information stored online. We’ve heard your requests for a HIPAA-compliant ETL platform and are excited to announce that Stitch is now fully compliant and can sign Business Associate Agreements (B…


Community integrations released, plus a new, improved AdWords integration

Thanks to the contributions of the Singer community, we’ve released the first Stitch Community integrations – integrations that are built and supported by the Singer community and can be run in Stitch. Five new Community integrations are available today, and …